Make your own sew in labels for your handmade clothes

Since a year I make clothes for my children and for myself, so it is about time I make my own labels. A label in clothes is very convenient to mark the size, and to know within a second what the front and back of your babies t-shirt is. It wouldn’t be the first time that my husband put my son’s t-shirt on backwards. Hopefully these labels will change that! Continue reading “Make your own sew in labels for your handmade clothes”

Circle neck toddler dress

The pattern for this dress is designed for a 12 mo. Larger versions will follow as my daughter grows. I really love this dress. The circle neck is a great accent. For some extra detail you can finish off the skirt with matching bias tape. Continue reading “Circle neck toddler dress”

A sewing machine for my sister

In January I gave my sister her first sewing lesson. We did some beginning exercises and made a pillowcase. Since then it caught her. She started taking sewing classes near her home (unfortunately she lives one hour driving from my place) and we did some other sewing projects together such as the lovely fabric covered boxes.

Up to now she did all her sewing on the Ikea SY sewing machine. By now a family piece, I bought this machine for my first sewing projects, but limited in its possibilities. So it is time to move on to a new sewing machine to further explore the sewing world. Continue reading “A sewing machine for my sister”

Felt and fabric Easter eggs

Easter is coming! And as a yearly tradition we put up an Easter tree, a vase with decorated willow or hazel branches. This year I made some decorations myself. Here are my felt and fabric Easter eggs. Continue reading “Felt and fabric Easter eggs”

Fabric covered boxes

In this tutorial we will make a fabric cover for a cardboard box. Easy made storage space that adds something extra to the room. Go for colorful fabric to sheer up the place or go for sober prints to fit in a stylish and classy interior. The cover can be removed and washed when necessary.

Continue reading “Fabric covered boxes”

DIY: Curtains for curtain rail without curtain tape

You might have followed the transition of my new sewing room (you can read about it HERE). I moved to a room with no curtains, which makes the room feel a bit bare. With no occasion to go to a store soon to buy some curtain tape, I made my own curtains without. I used twill tape in staid. You can also follow this tutorial to make a curtain with curtain tape. Only the few last steps will be different. Continue reading “DIY: Curtains for curtain rail without curtain tape”

The bandana bib: indispensable for teething babies

My baby-girl of 6 months started teething 2 months ago. This comes together with drooling. Lots of drooling! After a week of changing her clothes 3 times a day I thought it was about time for a bandana bib. In this tutorial we will make a very absorbing one! Continue reading “The bandana bib: indispensable for teething babies”