Sewing machines come in various brands, types and prices, but in general the mechanism behind them all is more or less the same.

Before you get started it is important to get to know your sewing machine.

Start with turning the hand wheel towards you and see what happens. The needle goes up and down, the feed dogs, also called transporter, are moving (they will soon move your fabric as you sew), and the take-up lever (if you have one) is going up and down. Observe it for a while and you will notice the harmony!

sewing machine anatomy

To speed up things, and get used to the feel of the foot control, plug in your machine and place your foot on the pedal. Push your foot down gently, and then harder, and see how everything moves faster. When you start sewing it is important to be able to control the speed of your sewing machine. When it goes to fast while working on your first project, you will make mistakes more easily. So be gentle with your foot control!

Get started

To get started there are a few things that need to be done:

–  Insert a needle

–  Wind a bobbin

–  Thread your machine

When these things are done, you are ready to go!





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