This pattern is for a purse that is big enough for your wallet, keys and phone, but small enough to not become a mess!

This project is a little more advanced, but still achievable with limited experience. It might take an afternoon to make.

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For the tutorial in inches click here

For this project I chose a Mexican cloth for the outside and green cotton for the inside and the handle. I used dark blue yarn for the main sewing work and green yarn for finishing of.

I used Iron on vlieseline (H640) to give the purse some extra volume en some laminated paper for extra reinforcement (a piece of 29 * 3.5 cm for the bottom and sides of the bag and a piece 41 * 3.5 cm for the handle).

One magnetic closure

Let’s get started

  • Print the pattern and cut the pieces twice.
  • Cut a strip of 29 * 4 cm of the fabric for the outside and the vlieseline. Cut a strip of 28 * 3.5 cm of the fabric for the inside. These pieces are used for the bottom and sides of the purse.
  • Cut a piece of 42 * 7.5 cm of a fabric of your choice for the handle. I chose the same fabric as for the inside of the bag. For the handle we also need a piece of vlieseline of 41 * 3.5 cm.

  • Iron the vlieseline (interlining) to the piece of fabric for the outside.

  • Sew together the outer bag, right sides together.

  • Sew the green strip around the outer bag, right sides together, but leave 5 cm not sewn.

  • Sew together the parts for the inside.

  • Attach the parts for the magnetic closure to the inner bag, one on each side.

  • Turn the outer bag inside out. Do the same with the inner bag (this one normally is still inside out). Sew the inner and outer bag together as in the picture below (right sides together).

  • Turn everything inside out again through the 5 cm opening you left.

  • Iron and push the inside in its place.

  • Now you can add some extra reinforcement. I used one long strip of laminated paper that I placed on the sides and bottom of the purse. We will sew it later to keep it in place.

  • Close the seam. This is a part you will have to sew by hand. Use a color yarn that suits with your chosen fabric, I chose green. Don’t worry when your sewing isn’t perfect, this part won’t be visible.

  • When you fold over the edge this is what it looks like.

  • Now we will make the handle for the purse. We are almost there!
  • Iron the vlieseline on the piece of fabric for the handle and sew the edges of the fabric together.

  • Turn the handle inside out. If you want you can add some extra reinforcement.

  • Close the, still open, seam of the handle and sew the handle to the purse. Do this using a straight stitch and do it twice (or go back and forth). While doing this it would be good to sew over the reinforcement that was put in the bag, this will keep it in place.


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