In this tutorial I will show you how to make a basic pillowcase for a pillow of 50*50 cm (20*20 inch). We will make an easy version without zipper or special decorations.

   Pillowcase no zipper finnished


I used a cotton deco fabric with a cheerful elephant print. (Learn more about fabric)
The background color of the fabric is dark blue so I chose dark blue yarn.

Pillowcase no zipper fabric and yarn

Let’s get started

  •  Cut 3 pieces of fabric: 1 piece of 20 1/4 * 20 1/4 inch, this we will call the front piece, and two pieces of 15 * 20 1/4 inch , which we will call the back pieces.

Pillowcase no zipper fabric

  • Fold over 1 inch  on one long side of both back pieces. Iron it.

Pillowcase no zipper hem

  • Stitch the hems using a straight stitch.

Pillowcase no zipper stitch hem

  • Place one of the back piece on the front piece, right sides together, and sew around the edges.

Pillwocase no zipper one side

  • Place the other back piece, right side down, on the back side of your work. Sew around the edges.

Pillowcase no zipper back

  • Turn the pillowcase inside out.

Pillowcase no zipper frontPillowcase no zipper back





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