Sewing is a hobby that requires your full attention. On busy evenings, a toddler running around, a husband watching soccer on the television, I was distracted a lot. My sewing projects took longer as they should and I made mistakes. That combined with my sewing materials that were all over the living room in baskets and boxes made me realize it was time for my own sewing room.

(This post will be updated every few days until my sewing room is finished.)

My sewing room to be

In our house we have a small room of 2 by 3 m, once painted to be used as a baby-boys room. But I think that blue and light green would also suit my sewing room.

This is my sewing room to be. Let’s get started!

sewing room to be

Adding storage space

We went to IKEA to buy some shelves, hooks, light fixtures and some decorations to furnish my new sewing room. In the evening the real work began. I drew on the walls where I wanted everything to be and my husband drilled the holes to hang up everything in its place. Since all our walls are just bricks and plaster, that came with a lot of dust. But I am happy with the result.

sewing room shelves

sewing room shelves

It looks a bit empty now but soon I will add boxes and sachets to store my sewing materials and at some extra color.

Illuminate the room

Originally only one light bulb lit the room. This one we replaced by a fixture with some spotlights.  We also attached a LED light strip under the lower shelve. This way my desk, which is my main working space, is well lit.

sewing room light fixture

sewing room desk light LED

Unpacking and organizing

With all the new storage space installed it is time to start unpacking and organize everything.

     My stack of cotton cloths

sewing room cotton stack

     And jersey fabric

Sewing room jersey stack

     Organizing buttons

sewing room store buttons


Use some nice canning jars for storing buttons and other small accessories. (You can find some nice ones HERE and HERE)

The final details to add some coziness

The new sewing room was also a perfect excuse to buy a new orchid. I love orchids! Unfortunately my cats eat all plants except cactuses, and a few other plants that certainly must taste very bad. But the cats are not aloud in the sewing room, so let’s cheer up the place with some beauties!

sewing room yarn storage

The curtains are a great improvement of the room. They contribute to feeling more safe. In the first few days that I occupied my new sewing room I sometimes had the feeling that someone was watching me. Ridiculous, I know, certainly since the room is on the first floor and at the back of the house, so the only ones having a chance to see me are the rear neighbours. But anyhow, some curtains feel great!

For the tutorial about how I made these curtains click here.

sewing room curtains


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