What is an affiliate link?

In some posts you will find links of products I use to a seller’s website, these are affiliate links. When you purchase that product, using that link, I will get 5% of the purchase value. This will not cost you anything extra. It is the company that gives me a part of their profit in exchange for the publicity they get via these links.

Why do I use affiliate links?

Running a website costs money. I chose not to spam you with hundreds of ads flashing around the webpages, wherefore I had to buy a domain name and  find someone with a server to host the website. Via the affiliate links I hope to regain a fraction of the costs.

BUT money is not the only thing! Often I also refer to places where I bought the products myself. I have tested the reliability of the seller and the quality of the product.

Different links

When I bought the product via that seller myself, the affiliate links clearly state that. (‘I bought this product HERE’)

When I use ‘You can buy the product HERE’ then I did not buy that exact product myself. I probably bought it in a shop in Belgium, and the link is then to the same or a similar product you can buy via a seller that is internationally more accessible.

I also link to different sellers on the English website than on the Dutch website. This is again because of accessibility. If you are interested in buying a product you can check both websites and use the link that suits you best.

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