My baby-girl of 6 months started teething 2 months ago. This comes together with drooling. Lots of drooling! After a week of changing her clothes 3 times a day I thought it was about time for a bandana bib. In this tutorial we will make a very absorbing one!


The pattern: Click here!

Fabric: Cotton or jersey will do, I chose jersey because it is so soft.

An old towel

Velcro: You can buy some sew on velcro HERE

Yarn: This will be visible!

bandana bib fabric

Let’s get started

  • Cut 2 pieces of fabric and the towel according to the pattern

Bandana bib pattern

  • Stack the pieces as shown in the picture and clip them together. The 2 pieces of fabric on top of each other, right sides together, and the piece of towel on top of them or at the bottom of your stack.

Bandana bib fabric stacked

  • Sew around but leave an opening of about 5 cm (2 inches) not sewn. Usually you don’t use a plain straight stitch when you sew tricot, but because the towel will prevent the fabric from stretching, a straight stitch is no problem.

bandana bib opening

  • Cut the corners so they will look nicer when we turn the bandana bib inside out.

Bandana bib sewn

Bandana bib cut corner

  • Turn the bib inside out and turn the fabric of the opening inwards (as shown on the picture)

bandana bib inside out stacked

  • Sew all around the bib 0.5 cm from the edge. This way the opening is closed and it gives a nice look.

Bandana bib finished no closure

  • Now we will add a closure. I used velcro, but you can use snap fasteners as well. The velcro I bought was supposed to stick on the fabric but after a couple of uses I had to sew it anyway. So you can just buy sew on velcro as well and sew it on its place from the beginning!

Bandana bib velcro 1

Bandana bib velcro 2

  • Drooling will no longer cause wet clothes!


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