Soon the Easter Bunny will hide some delicious chocolate eggs in your house and around the garden. Let’s gather them ‘in theme’ this year with the this applique tote bag.


  • Fabric for the bag. My fabric was 27 * 34 cm (11 * 14 inches) for a bag of 25 * 30 cm (10 * 12 inches)
  • Fabric for the handle, 5 * 25 cm (2 * 10 inches).I picked the same color as the bag.
  • Fabric for the bunny appliques.
  • Yarn: the yarn for the appliques and for the hem are visible. I used three colors of yarn (yellow, blue and green).
  • Wool for the pompom tales.

Let’s get started

  • Cut the bunny’s according to a chosen pattern. I chose one that was used in the Funky Bunny Garland, which I enlarged.

  • Pin a bunny on the fabric for the tote bag. Don’t place it too high, keep in mind that you will hem the upper side of the bag.

  • Sew it using a matching yarn.
  • Pin the other bunny and sew.

  • If you are not experienced and your stitches do not follow the contours perfectly. Don’t worry about it. When I was sewing I had an unsatisfying feeling. But in the end I am happy with the result.  It is a little rough around the edges (literally 🙂 ) but it’s charming!

  • Sew the bag together.

  • Hem the opening of the bag. Fold over 2 cm (about 1 inch) and fold over again 2 cm. Iron the hem and sew.

The handle

  • Cut two pieces of fabric of 5 * 25 cm (2 * 10 inches).

  • Fold the fabric in half, iron and sew.

  • Turn inside out.

  • Clip (or pin) the handle to the bag.

  • Sew the handle to the bag. I sew over the stitches of the hem.

The pompom tail

  • An easy way to make a little pompom is using a fork. Spin the wool several times around the prongs of the fork. You might want to count how many times you go round, that makes it easier to make two pompoms of the same size.

  • knot together with a small piece of wool.

  • Cut the loops at the outer prongs of the fork. Make another pompom and sew them in their place.

  • Add lots of chocolate eggs and enjoy Easter!




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