The pattern for this dress is designed for a 12 mo. Larger versions will follow as my daughter grows. I really love this dress. The circle neck is a great accent. For some extra detail you can finish off the skirt with matching bias tape.


The pattern, when you print it make sure that it is at 100%. To test this, the bottom line of the bottom dress piece should be 20 cm (7.9 inches)  .

Preferably two different cotton fabrics: A nice print for the body part of the dress and a matching or contrasting color for the circle neck.

Bias tape: matching with the fabric you chose for the circle neck

2 snap fasteners + the device to attach them (unless you have sew on snap fasteners)

A bias binder foot saves you work and time when attaching the bias tape. (I bought my bias binder foot HERE)

Let’s get started

Prewash and iron your fabric.

Cut the fabric according to the pattern.

Prepare the collar

The collar consist out of 2 pieces. The big piece (3/4 of a circle) and the small piece (about 1/4 of a circle)

Sew the corresponding pieces together (right sides together). Only sew the hollow side and the corners. Leave an opening for the front and back pieces of the dress.

Turn the collar pieces inside out and iron.

To make the attachment of the dress pieces easier, you can already fold the fabric, of the not sewn part, 0.5 cm (1/4 inch) inside. Iron it.

Prepare the front and back piece of the dress

For the armholes, fold 1 cm and again 1 cm. Iron and sew the seam. Do this for both sides and for the front as well as for the back piece of the dress.

To create the fathered look at the front. Sew the upper side of the front piece with maximum thread tension. Pull the thread to gather the neckline.

Sew everything together

Now we will combine the collar pieces with the dress pieces.

Attach the big collar part to the front piece of the dress and the small collar part to the back. You do this by placing the dress part into the opening you left when sewing the collar. Make sure that the edge of the fabric is fold 0.5 cm (1/4 inch) inside.

Sew all around the collar piece. This way the dress part will be attached to the collar and you create a nice seam that will upgrade the look of the collar.

When both collar pieces are attached to the dress pieces it is time to sew the front and the back of the dress together. Make sure that the right sides of the dress pieces are faced together.

Almost there!

Now it is time to at the bias tape at the bottom of the dress. This is done in a minute with a bias binder foot.

Attach some snap fasteners in the corners of the collar.

You circle neck toddler dress is now finished!

I am currently working on a variation of this dress with the collar pieces reversed and some nice buttons to close the collar.

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