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Organizing my sewing room: follow the transition

Sewing is a hobby that requires your full attention. On busy evenings, a toddler running around, a husband watching soccer on the television, I was distracted a lot. My sewing projects took longer as they should and I made mistakes. That combined with my sewing materials that were all over the living room in baskets and boxes made me realize it was time for my own sewing room.

(This post will be updated every few days until my sewing room is finished.)

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The first signs of activity

At this moment Peaches & Pepper is online, but it seems like nothing much is happening yet. Well, I can assure you that behind the scenes a lot is going on! Tutorials are being written, the first patterns are digitalized and this weekend I have an appointment with my photo camera for some pictures of my sewing machines, fabric and hopefully the first real sewing tutorial.