Felt and fabric Easter eggs

Easter is coming! And as a yearly tradition we put up an Easter tree, a vase with decorated willow or hazel branches. This year I made some decorations myself. Here are my felt and fabric Easter eggs. Continue reading “Felt and fabric Easter eggs”

Fabric covered boxes

In this tutorial we will make a fabric cover for a cardboard box. Easy made storage space that adds something extra to the room. Go for colorful fabric to sheer up the place or go for sober prints to fit in a stylish and classy interior. The cover can be removed and washed when necessary.

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Organizing my sewing room: follow the transition

Sewing is a hobby that requires your full attention. On busy evenings, a toddler running around, a husband watching soccer on the television, I was distracted a lot. My sewing projects took longer as they should and I made mistakes. That combined with my sewing materials that were all over the living room in baskets and boxes made me realize it was time for my own sewing room.

(This post will be updated every few days until my sewing room is finished.)

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