A sewing machine for my sister

In January I gave my sister her first sewing lesson. We did some beginning exercises and made a pillowcase. Since then it caught her. She started taking sewing classes near her home (unfortunately she lives one hour driving from my place) and we did some other sewing projects together such as the lovely fabric covered boxes.

Up to now she did all her sewing on the Ikea SY sewing machine. By now a family piece, I bought this machine for my first sewing projects, but limited in its possibilities. So it is time to move on to a new sewing machine to further explore the sewing world. Continue reading “A sewing machine for my sister”

Get to know your sewing machine

Sewing machines come in various brands, types and prices, but in general the mechanism behind them all is more or less the same.

Before you get started it is important to get to know your sewing machine.

Start with turning the hand wheel towards you and see what happens. Continue reading “Get to know your sewing machine”